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DISCLAIMER: Timber is a natural product and may differ from the sample seen in colour and figure. Certain species of timber will contain a small percentage of sap and knots in line with international grading standards.

We specialize in exporting high quality, clear pine lumber to Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, the Americas, Asia,  Mexico, and many other parts around the world.

Standards that are supported:

  • A grade- 4 sides clear - is the highest class quality.The timber is clean, flawless (without knots and / or hearts).
  • AB grade - 4 sides clear - on one side of the piece of timber found traces of hearts healthy and / or a healthy node.
  • BC grade – 3 sides clear - allowed red heart, knots, bends and small cracks.


  •     0.30 to 0.95 m timber sub-short (TASS)
  •     1.00 to 1.70 m short timber (TAS)
  •     1.80 to 2.00 m long timber (TAL)
  •     2.10 to 3.00 m long super-timber (TAL +)

Drying: KD, KD 10-14%

Markings: timber is packed with one length in the bundle and can have markings at customer request.


pine-logs sawn-pine-lumber

About Pine

Species: Pine
Scientific Names: Pinus Sylvestris | Pinus resinosa | Pinus radiata

Common Uses:

Utility poles, posts, railroad ties, paper (pulpwood), and construction lumber.


The alternate common name of “Norway Pine” is somewhat mystifying, as the tree did not originate from Norway, and there’s no clear link with Norway.

Note: We export round logs as well, cut to different lengths as per customer request. Please contact us to buy pine round logs

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